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Yas Arghavani Company

Yaas Arghavani engineering systems began its activities in 1376 by utilizing the expertise and experience of some of Iran’s top senior executives in IT, management and system sciences, and in order to answer the needs of the country’s executives and organizations, started professional consulting services in the IT and management fields at a macro level.
Support and execution of various IT projects alongside the use of skilled partners whilst incorporating experience, expertise and creativity, has allowed Yaas to become one of the frontrunners of this profession in the country, and by successfully executing IT related endeavors such as the design and planning of integrated information systems, strategic management & planning, design, development and implementation of specially tailored software , design and development of macro communication orders, re-engineering and improvement of work processes, and the design of structural and organizational outputs, has been able to solidify and validate its unique position in Iran’s IT sector.
Since becoming part of Bank Mellat’s IT companies portfolio, Yaas specializes in the following areas of expertise:

  •    Electronic banking business
  •    E-commerce
  •    Software
  •    Computer networks
  •    IT and management consultation

The following are some of the services provided by yaas arghavani to its customers:
Providing and supporting E-banking activities:
Yaas Arghavani Co. has provincial centers across the country that make having a support network of advanced E-banking services (POS, ATM, Fuel Payment…) with global coverage a possibility.
Business intelligence and market analysis:
Yaas Arghavani Co., due to the variety of its target markets, has always been a front runner in continuous and purposeful analysis of the markets status.
Development, Establishment & Support Of Infrastructure & Network:
Having Created a team of experts in the field of developing advanced communication and informational networks, Yaas Arghavani engineering systems offers services such as consultation, design, maintenance and super vision of computer network infrastructure components.
Management Consulting services:
Yaas Arghavani engineering systems, offers solutions and up to date information in the field of organizational management.
Holding Specialized IT Courses:
Creating content and holding training courses in the highest IT levels with the objective of improving the technical skills of the IT experts whilst nurturing  the younger generation to the more advanced levels of IT is one of the main focuses of Yaas Co.
Software development and consultation :
With more than two decades Worth of experience in Software development & Production, Yaas Arghavani engineering systems offers various software services.

WebSite Address : http://www.sys-yaas.com/en/

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