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Subsidiary Companies

Behsazan Mellat Company


BehPardakht Mellat Company

With the aim of developing electronic payment devices has launched its activity as an electronic payment service provider with official permission from the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran since 1384 (2005).more...

Shaghayegh Company

A member of information technology companies of Mellat bank, was established in 2004 with the objective of providing services, consultation and support.more...

Yas Arghavani Company

Began its activities in 1376 by utilizing the expertise and experience of some of Iran’s top senior executives in IT, management and system sciences, and in order to answer the needs of the country’s executives and organizations, started professional consulting services in the IT and management fields at a macro level. more...

Yassie Company

Established in 2003 based on valuable experience and professional human resources. The scope of the company is application development and design, consultant, process improvement, big data and project management and other related services. more..

ZirSakht Amn Company

To implement any network infrastructure in accoSITS (Secure Infrastructure of Transactional Services) was first established to offer technical data center and network infrastructure services in the body of Bank Mellat. more..

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