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To implement any network infrastructure in accoSITS (Secure Infrastructure of Transactional Services) was first established to offer technical data center and network infrastructure services in the body of Bank Mellat. In 2011 after a decade of continuous activity in this area with the aim of IT-related activity enhancements and technology quality improvements, bank senior managers decided to give a dependency to this company. SITS was registered and established on 16th October 2011 under license number 415973, national ID 10320677640 and a capital of 100 billion Rials worth 10 million shares of 10,000 Rials.

SITS founders and managers have been long and effectively involved in communication infrastructures. For the purpose of offering favorable services and fulfilling the customers’ satisfaction, when choosing senior and mid-range managers, board of directors opted for recruiting proficient and well-experienced human resources specializing in network and communication infrastructure with a common aim to deliver creativity and distinguishing products and services.
Experts of SITS, with an unquestionably prominent 12-year experience in IT industry and possessing related education, knowledge, skills and trainings, have always been putting all their effort into maintaining the profits of customers.

Our vision is to offer a distinguishing fashion of information exchange services. This creative distinction which relies on our team work, stands our customers out in a promising manner.

Our mission is to supply the tools, develop the techniques and effective solutions with an aim to deliver secure and stable communication for our customers. Our package of software, hardware and recommended services in managed layers, delivers flexible solutions guaranteeing the implementation of network in any desired scale and reinforces your data availability with a responsible approach.

WebSite Address : http://en.sits-co.com/

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